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Zero-Clearance,Vent-Free Fullsize Rustic Stone Fireplace System


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Rustic Stone Fireplace Kit. These stone fireplace kits are intended for Aesthetic results with an additional heat advantage ( DURING POWER OUTAGES ). Along with a boost in Home Equity and appeal,"No home wall removal, no "R" factor loss, UP TO $12,000 EQUITY BOOST. Est. OVER $14,000+ SAVINGS versus real Brick and mortar construction cost / non-combustible  construction materials.  Installs most anywhere , usually one day / >>> VENT-FREE LP or NATURAL GAS LOGS NOT INCLUDED AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL GAS PROVIDER AND / OR ONLINE ,AMAZON, EBAY, ETC. <<<  We go out of our way to provide truly exceptional product to each of our customers.  Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.   Patent Pending / U.S. Serial Number 29/631,119.        Lassiter Stone Fireplace Kit llc.




  "This Kit was a owner completed DIY Project with solid wood mantle re-claimed from a Historical building in Northampton Co. NC ( not a standard kit mantle)"






  • EASILY  ASSEMBLED:      A notable fact about the rock wall fireplace is its simplicity, its stone masonry can be installed with ease by any local contractor with just the duration of a day.   


  • PREMIUM HEARTH MATERIALS:       The natural stone fireplace is graced with a non-combustible material wall that allows your gas logs to burn comfortably without the interference of ashes from burnt clays. Allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere at its best.


  • FANTASTIC FOR INTERIOR AND DESIGN: Elevate the charm and appeal of your home with our various modern stone fireplace trends that does nothing but wonders in beautifying any home perfectly. >>>GREAT FOR HOUSE FLIPPING TOO..<<< 


  • NO WOOD NEEDED     Unlike other stone chimneys that has to burn with rare kinds of logs, with our adorable hearth fireplace, a choice set of Vent-Free Gas logs of your style and type can easily be purchased from your Local Gas Provider (that will part of their service for best results and the safest way and by law... ) or online on Amazon, EBAY which must be installed by your gas service by law.., etc. 


  • MULTIPURPOSE HOME APPARATUS:      It is basically known for enhancing the distribution of soothing heat from burning logs in the stone chimney and adding aesthetic beauty to the home and its surroundings.


  • RELIABILITY:        Our hearth fireplace is highly reliable for combating cold and providing you with a long lasting comfort and satisfaction you have been craving. Reduce primary heating cost,as well as a back-up source in case of long period power outages.


  • GREAT BARGAIN FOR MONEY:        Instead of going through a lot of hassle to get your fireplace working, rustic stone fireplace has made their products a breath of fresh air for your convenience with no home wall removal, no “R” factor loss, and create up to $12,000 Equity boost. Est. if you ask us, we could tell you this a good bargain for money especially considering its reliability.


Local Gas provider ( by law >>a must ) and a Stone masonry Contractor and their materials are needed to complete an install ,


  • Your source for an effective custom stone fireplace solution.

  •  Included For Project Finishing:

  • 1.

  • One (1) SFK llc. Solid Wood looking  Mantle

    (Western White Pine unfinished )

  • 2.

  • One (1) Lo-Rider zero-clearance

  • 32” firebox

  • 3.

  • Two hundred fifty (250) self-tapping

  • screws / flat washers

  • 4

  • Fifty dollar ($50) gift card for purchase

  • of Durock® cement board  and

  • wire lathing

  • 5

        Diagrams for panel marking and cutting  

  • OVER ( $14,000+ SAVINGS )versus real Brick and mortar construction cost / non-combustible construction materials excluding mantle..!

  1. 1. 32" Lo- Rider herring bone liner           2.   GCUF Louverered  refractory liner              3.  32" GCUF louvered  cottage clay            4.  32'  GRUF  flushface refractory liner            5.  32" GRUF flushface cottage clay



Shop your Local Gas supplier for proper Vent-Free gas Log sets ( not sold with kits)  VENT-FREE logs purchase >>>( DO NOT EXCEED 40,000 BTU's

EZ Order

EZfireplace Order >>>  1 Firebox type with ( Herring Bone or Cottage Clay ) choice in the Email below


These fireplace kits are intended for Esthetic results with an additional heat advantage.Along with a boost in Home Equity and appeal, not intended as a Primary Heat source. Please Contact your Local gas provider 1st to OK install..and select their Brand and Choices of VENT-FREE logs > DO NOT EXCEED 40,000 BTU's 



Are you out there looking for the perfect rustic stone fireplace to put an end to your despair in the hands of the unyielding winter cold? We are here for you, with our modern stone fireplace that’s not only effective for battling cold but also a rare gem in beautifying homes and skyrocket its designs to modern standard. The super vent-free firebox is known for its smooth air purification, allowing the heat burnt from your gas log to come right back at you without allowing it escape through the chimney, unlike other regular stone chimneys. With the high rate of people getting the cold and flu in the winter season, we at the Rustic Stone Fireplace are here to vent our anger on the annoying cold, with our authentic fireplace mantels that will never cease to amaze our clients. We are graced with different combinations of parts and various stone choices whose price varies from one another. The natural stone fireplace can easily be assembled and installed in any part of your home in just a day, providing a soothing heat level all through the house with an additional heat advantage during power outages. In one word, our hearth fireplace kits will exceed your expectations tremendously, providing you with aesthetic results all through. It can be fixed with ease by a local contractor without home wall removal, while its log and gas installation must be done by your local gas provider. So why not join the big league today by placing your order for the hearth fireplace to combat the incessant cold and give your home the high classical taste it deserves. Stone Choice "IDEAS" and  Monesson "IDEAS" of different Vent-Free log choices to ask your local Gas Provider about are at : Patent Pending / U.S Serial Number 29 / 631, 119   Lassiter Stone Fireplace Kit LLC for more info.


OVER $14,000+ SAVINGS versus real Brick and mortar construction cost / non-combustible construction materials.

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